Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facebook Fan Pages - The Best Marketing Practices

Facebook is very quickly becoming the platform most often chosen by small businesses and corporations who want help building their brand. The reason Facebook is so popular with companies is because of its reach. If you study the growth rate of Facebook over the last few years you will see that most of the people who use the network remain pretty active. This is a good reason for any small or big business to use Facebook for publicity purposes. Everybody, even you, can jump into the Facebook ring and build a fan page of your very own for your audience to like or join.

The Facebook fan page provides a unique place for businesses and companies to build and strengthen personal relationships with their clients. Given below are 3 simple and effective Facebook fan page creation strategies that you can use right away.

Aim at creating live conversations that are ongoing. You can create these discussions by making use of the status updates and also by using the discussion app. Treat your fans like gold because they are; so just be normal, cool, and talk to them and get them at your fan page and interact with them. That is a terrific approach and strategy for simply getting to know your market audience that much better, and it also sows good will. If you allow them to say what's on their minds, then they'll appreciate that and feel good about talking to you. Once you know what people are saying you can take control of the conversation.
Sometimes you may get a dissatisfied customer but that is to be expected, and you can work to resolve the situation. The best approach is to be as professional as possible. You want to brand your page to the fullest extent, and so you also want to put a photo of something on your page that is related to the page/product/service. Facebook is definitely the biggest photo sharing site on the Internet, which means people are used to seeing pictures on it. Take your time with the picture, and make sure it's relevant and is of the highest quality.
Always market your fan page, and you can make good use of the Twitter application designed to promote Facebook fan pages. Simple really, you'll communicate, Tweet, your FB fan page marketing to your Twitter followers. Don't have any? Get some. This is how it works: Whenever you update your status on Facebook fan page (which could be a link/photo), there will be an automatic update to your Twitter account linking back to your page on Facebook. What you can do with this little gem is send targeted traffic to you fan page from Twitter. Even though there are other applications that let you integrate Facebook with Twitter, this is one of the best apps for the job.

All anyone needs to do is click your Twitter link, and then they'll magically appear on your fan page where they can become another fan. You are free to look at Facebook as the new and much friendlier Google because of the huge amount of niche traffic. There has never been an easier way to tap into massive amounts of traffic as you can do with the fun and stupid simple fan page. There are very many businesses of all kinds that recognize the potential at Facebook, and they're doing business there. You'll need to realize that using a page is like any other legitimate form of business, and you will have to make it happen.

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